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  • Bedding
    In adult mattresses, we primarily specialize in Visco, or Memory Foam products.
    At present, our two preferred suppliers for these mattresses are Primo International of Montreal, Canada, and Enso Bedding Systems, a division of Klaussner. In twin mattresses, for youth and guest beds, we also sell a small selection of innerspring products, at this time primarily from Corsicana. We also feature Corsicana foundations primarily, both for their durability and price competitiveness, as well as for their logistics.

    Primo Visco mattresses are notable for high quality & inexpensive price. Their products are durable, comfortable and affordable. Enso Bedding products are also very competitively priced, and are especially noteworthy for their low outgassing properties. While all of our mattresses are warrantied against excessive outgassing (think of this as "new mattress smell"), we believe that Enso Bedding products are, on the whole, among the lowest outgassing in the industry.

Our Sleep Shop features a semi-private environment for mattress testing, almost as comfortable as sleeping in your own bedroom!

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